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Wrap in "safety, security, and cleanliness"

With sincerity under the theme of "safety, security, and cleanliness," our company will provide products that satisfy our customers, contribute to society, and promote the development of all employees and the company.

It is Araden Co., Ltd.

It is a long-established company founded in 1956.

As a comprehensive manufacturer of body covers, we have continued to wrap automobile-based products with a wide variety of fabrics under the theme of "safety, security, and cleanliness."(Motorcycles, bicycles, tires, electric carts, vending machines, rickshaws, etc.)

By popularizing flameproof products certified by the Japan Fire Retardant Association, which is also recommended by the Fire and Disaster Management Agency, we are delivering further "safety and security". We will continue to make contributions to society through "manufacturing" other than body covers, using reliable technology and innovative ideas cultivated by continuing to wrap tangible things in "cleanliness".

Araden Co., Ltd. will continue to go forward with the slogan of "1 step by 10 people" rather than "10 steps by 1 person"

It is Araden Co., Ltd.

Thoughts of us engineers

Thoughts of us engineers

Recently, damage caused by arson on bicycles, motorcycles, and automobiles has occurred frequently. The Fire and Disaster Management Agency and the Japan Fire Retardant Association established the flameproof product certification standards for body covers in 1992, and are still focusing on the spreading and enlightenment activities of flameproof products.

In particular, the Tokyo Fire Department is requested to recommend the handling of flameproof products to various organizations in the automobile industry based on the results of performance tests conducted at the Fire Science Institute.

Araden Body Cover

Araden Body Cover

As a body cover manufacturer, we, Araden Co., Ltd., manufacture and sell flameproof products while contacting the Japan Fire Retardant Association from the beginning in order to contribute to society.

ARADEN Front Cover

ARADEN Front Cover

Body cover product listt

Body cover product listt

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Araden Co., Ltd.


Masazo Yanai


April 1956


546 Kisshoin Nagata-cho, Minami-ku, Kyoto 601-8362

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Telephone reception Monday-Friday 9:00-12:00/13:00-17:30 (excluding holidays)

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Car / motorcycle / bicycle covers and Planning, development, manufacturing and sales of related products

アラデン株式会社 ARADEN


〒601-8362 京都市南区吉祥院長田町43

TEL : 075-671-3171

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