How to use



How to use

Here, we introduce how to use our body cover.
If used improperly, it may not be covered properly and may become dirty or scratched.
​​​​​​​Please refer to the following explanations, carefully.



Setting Manner

1.First, Put Cover on the Front Hood.


2.Next, Simply hook the rubber attach on Side Mirrors, as silver surface on the Front Side.


3.Lastly, extend Cover on the Front Hood.



[Fireproofed Coating & Smooth Processing (Raised Fabric)] Front Hood Protection Cover Made In Japan

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Front Hood Protection Cover



Quality Specification

100% poliester

front side/water repellent fireproofed coating

back side/smooth processing(raised fabric)

Three Phrases to make customer happier

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1.Front hood protection with smooth back side fabric! 

Scratch free raised back-side fabric 

2.Smart protection against criminal fire (Suspected Arson)!

Fireproofed Coating Cover-Front Side

3.Easy Cover Mounting without effort!

Simply hook the rubber attach on Side Mirrors and extend Cover on Front Hood

Five Recommendation

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Heat Insulation Effectiveness(Hot Summer),dust&dirt Protection,(Raised Fabric Back Side Cover)
rain&moisture Protection, Fireproofed Effectiveness(Japan Fireproofed Association Certificate)
Cold Protection Effectiveness(Cold Winter),Sweep Snow Effectiveness,
Protection of early damaged Front Hood against acid rain ultraviolet rays, tree sap


All Made in Japan(Design, Textile Fabric, Garment Manufacture)
ISO9001 Certificate, Japan Fireproofed Association Certificate
63 years of multiple achievements as a Specialized Cover Manufacturer in Japan

3.High Quality:

Polyester 100% Japanese Fabric
front side: water repellent fireproofed coating
back side: smooth processing (raised fabric)

4.Easy Fitting Structure:

Simple to attach the rubber on Side Mirrors and extend cover on Front hood
Simple  removal procedure and folding in a small bag
Simple to store the bag inside the door pocket

5.Wide range of size lineup :

compatible for  All American, European & Japanese Luxury and Compact Cars
In Japan, Designated as Manufacturers' specified genuine Cover by Major European Car Makers 
Also, in Japan, Designated as Major Car Goods Dealers' specified Cover for all Japanese Cars
(Front Hood Protection Cover is first pilot product for sales on EC Market, but we have variety of
Car Covers from Full Body Cover to Partial Body Cover to respond to Customer's requirements.  
We are happy to respond to any inquiries)

Three Important Explanations

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1.Portection of early damaged Front Hood

‐Fading(Yellow Tint) Prevention of Head Light
‐Rain Prevention, when Front Hood is exposed to the rain uncovered by roof of garage.
‐anti-theft of licence plate
‐Prevention against acid rain, ultraviolet rays, yellow sand, air pollution, dust, night dew,
tree sap,bir's dropping, paint damage by mischief and cat's paw print

2.  Smooth Processing Completion Cover(Raised Fabric)-Back Side

‐What is raised fabric? Processing to release fiber hairspring
‐What is effectiveness? Gently wrap your car avoiding painted hair crack
In addition, short raised fabric ending are designed to improve drying when wet and
suppress pebbles and dust.

​​​​​​​‐CautionーResidual Fiber!
During processing, some loose fibers  are generated, though we are trying to remove so that no
residual fiber remains.
By such reason, a white powder may be visible depending on usage conditions for the first 
2 to 4 weeks. Residual fibers  can be easily removed by spraying water on the car surface.
Warning: In case of long term usage (few weeks), loose fibers might adhere to residue of wax or solvent and be difficult to remove.

3.Fireproofed Coating completion Cover-Front Side

‐What is Fireproofed?   Able to withstand fire . Fibers and other materials do not bun easily  when touching small
fire sources and if it burns, it will not endlessly burn. In other word ,flame retardance.
It is self-extinguishing and fire goes out in a few seconds.
‐What is Fireproofed Coating?  Special Processing of inflammable antimony oxide.
‐Why Fireproofed cover is needed?  Many cars are victim of suspicious fire. This cover is
a very efficient and smart way to protection against suspected case of arson.
‐What is reliability?  Japan Fire Retardant Association Certificate/ 
label attached product which has passed fireproof performance test standard.
(Japan Fire and Disaster Management Agency is recommending Fireproofed label product)

Precautions for usage

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Suiteble Car Models

1.Vehicle length and Vehicle Width are the main product selection parameters.
2.Though car model is within the selection parameters, sometime it can't fit because of physical position of side mirrors.
3.Minivan without Front Hood can't fit. might not fit for side under-mirror of Minivan=(2nd mirror of Minivan)
5.It might not fit for optional equipment car nor extra large rear spoiler car.

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